Here are some links to Gattegno-related Websites that may be of interest as an indication of the wide reach of Gattegno's work, even though it has not often been the subject of traditional scholarly inquiry or represented on university syllabi.

Educational Solutions Worldwide (Educational Solutions is the major publisher and vendor of books, charts, etc. and it has a very extensive website. The company was started by Dr. Gattegno and later carried on, after his death, by Shakti Gattegno. It was recently sold to its current owners,)

UEPD Group in Besancon, France (UEPD has been very active in teaching about Gattegno's work and publishing transcripts of his European workshops and secondary material about his contributions to education for many years. It is the owner and vendor of the French version of Words-in-Color. Its website is very extensive and features articles written over the past 50 years by many notable students and colleagues of Gattegno.)

AURAMA Group in Geneva, Switzerland (AURAMA has been particularly active in the use of French Literacy and Silent Way approaches to adult illiteracy.)

Japanese Association for Real Learning (There have been several active groups in Japan over the years. Fusako Allard developed the Japanese Silent Way Charts under Gattegno's direction and taught many of the people who are now active both in Japan and world-wide.)

Piers Messum U.K. (Piers has been one of the few people in the scholarly establishment to do sustained work on Gattegno. Another is Patricia Benstein in Australia.)

Gattegno-related web resources on other sites (This page is on the UEPD website, but it features people from all over the world who have done outstanding work using approaches originally developed by Gattegno. This group includes Earl Stevick (USA), Cecilia Bartoli (Italy), John and Suzy Pint (Mexico), and others.)