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Documenting Our Endeavor to Implement the Subordination of Teaching to Learningat the Bronx Charter School for Better LearningBased on Caleb Gattegno's Contribution to the Improvement of Education

Front L-R: Christina Nappi, Jackie Cianchetti, Antoinette Mattis, Bruce Ballard; Rear L-R: Kevin Brennan, Talar Baronian, Jennifer Schwarz, Paula Hajar, Ted Swartz, Beth Passaro, Shubert Jacobs

Jumpstart 1 Teachers (appearing in photo, along with Kevin Brennan, Executive Director, Shubert Jacobs, Principal, and Professional Development staff members - Paula Hajar, Ted Swartz and Bruce Ballard): Talar Baronian, Jennifer Schwarz, Beth Passaro, Christina Nappi, Jaclyn Cianchetti, Antoinette Mattis

Jumpstart 2 Teachers: Candyea Brown, Fahim Chowdhury

Jumpstart 3 Teachers: Alberta Conteh, Dasha Alexander, Yashira Marrero, Krystal Campbell, Angelica Pujol, Latoya Wright, Meredith Flynn, Cherisse Harris, Leia Stewart, Adjoua Kouame, Patricia Mariquit, Fred Dasig

Jumpstart 4 Teachers: Yashira Marrero, Cherisse Harris, Fahim Chowdhury, Dasha Alexander

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